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Contact lens fitting and aftercare is an important and popular part of our work. Modern technology allows us to fit contact lenses to a wide variety of prescriptions. People can opt for disposable soft lenses for occasional use or can wear contact lenses on a more permanent basis throughout the year to give them the freedom from spectacles that they desire.


Contact lens materials have improved dramatically over the years with modern day silicone-hydrogel now a preferred choice for many people. This new soft material offers qualities such as less lens dehydration on the eye as well as superior oxygen performance. Previously, many people had to give up wearing contact lenses due to lens dryness.


New lens types enable many more people to successfully wear contact lenses. 


We take extra time to deliver a thorough contact lens fitting and aftercare service and have experience fitting a comprehensive range of lens types. Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss your needs.


We use Products from Bausch & Lomb.  Please below details of these products


Biotrue® ONEday for Presybopia Fitting Guide

Contact lenses now available in varifocal prescription for the over 50's.

Hycosan Nighttime Ointment

Use night time gel to moisturise your eyes and to improve comfort.

Flight Pack

If taking hand luggage have your flight pack to hand.

Therapearl Eye-ssential Mask

Use an Eye Mask for dry eye therapy.


Leading Brands of Contact Lenses

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