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How often do I need my eyes examined?

Usually an eye examination is recommended every two years however children, diabetic and glaucoma patients should be seen annually. 


Should I have my child's eyes examined?

We would recommend all children should have an eye test to ensure visual development.  Examinations can be carried out at any age.


What can an eye examination tell me?

The optometrist will inform you if glasses are required and the examination can reveal conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration and even general health problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.  


How long does a checkup take?

Most often 30 minutes however should you need further tests or drops the examination may last up to an hour.


Can I wear contact lenses?

Most people can be fitted with contact lenses including people with astigmatism.  Contact lenses are ideal for many sports.  The optometrist will assess and discuss the best option for you.


Can I wear my contacts on holidays?

Daily disposable soft lenses which you simple throw away after each use are ideal for holiday use.


Can you get your glasses tinted for computer screen?

Yes, modern lens coatings eliminate glare and increase comfort when using a computer for long periods.  Newest lens technology - Blue Control by Hoya.

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