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Spectacle frame design is an exciting and rapidly changing area of modern eyewear. 

Many of the high fashion houses now design and produce spectacle frames to suit the myriad of individual tastes and trends. 

We keep a close eye on this aspect of our work and are pleased to offer a wide range of high fashion frames including Emporio Armani, Face A Face, Woow, Nike, Joules, William Morris, Ted Baker, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Longchamp, Nifties and Charles Stone.


Specialising in light weight allergy free Silhouette and Jaeger frames.


Experienced in fitting babies and very young children with bespoke frames, supplied by Tomato and others.

We stock a wide range of frames for children and young adults such as Barbie, Batman, Harry Potter, LOL, Zenith, Monterey, Brooklyn and Basebox. Offering a selection of style, colour, shapes and comfortable frames. 


Ophthalmic lenses can now be manufactured with special materials to reduce lens thickness and weight. Everyone can now enjoy a stylish, attractive and comfortable pair of spectacles to suit both their visual needs and their budgets.


We stock an extensive range of sunglasses designed by Face A Face, Cocoa Mint, Woow, Dolce and Gabanna and Land Rover.  Supplying prescription sunglass lenses by Zeiss and Hoya to provide top quality vision.


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Leading Brands of Spectacles

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